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ISO 37301 Compliance Management System

Duration: 6 h 7 m / 48 lessons

Level: General

Course Language: Arabic

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand compliance-related standards and regulations to adhere to, identify potential compliance-related risks, and assess their impact on the organization.

  • Link ISO 37301 to other standards and regulations and develop policies and procedures within an organization to ensure compliance effectively.

  • Implement and monitor compliance policies. In addition to monitoring and evaluating the performance of the compliance system and promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization.

Course details

  • 6 h 7 m/48 lessons
  • Release Date: 17/12/2023
  • Course completion certificate

Course Content

Free lessons


Course Introduction

5 Minutes

What Is ISO?

9 Minutes

Fundamental Concepts and Principles of Compliance Management ​

7 Minutes

Integrated Management System

10 Minutes

Compliance Challenges​

4 Minutes

About this course

We present to you the “ISO 37301 Compliance Management System” course, which is the latest international standard that aims to meet the growing needs of organizations to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in addition to identifying and evaluating compliance-related risks and developing strategies to deal with them efficiently. This course will cover the basics of this standard, its purpose, the key requirements to achieve compliance, and how to apply them. Furthermore, we will discuss how to monitor and evaluate the performance of this system and ensure its continuity and improvement.

Course requirements and prerequisites

Basic understanding of ISO management system standards & a general understanding of compliance. 


Mustafa SameerMustafa Sameer

Mustafa Sameer

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ISO 37301 Compliance Management System

Duration: 6h 7m / 48 lessons
Level: General
Course Language: Arabic